Kingdom Hearts X[chi] ‘was’ on track for localization

But missed the mark when Playdom was closed

Kingdom Hearts X[chi] is a bit of a lost number when it comes to the franchise. Although pretty much every other iteration was localized (even the mobile games in the form of Kingdom Hearts Re:coded, chi is still a missing piece of the puzzle.

Siliconera has the dirt on why that hasn’t been localized yet — specifically that it was going to get the localization treament, but when Playdom closed, Disney Interactive kind of ceased their initiative on bringing it over. According to a source from Siliconera though, Square Enix is shopping chi around to other publishers so it could see a worldwide release someday.

Look, it’s a web-based browser game, but I’d still like to see it in action for myself eventually.

Why Kingdom Hearts X[chi] Hasn’t Been Released In The West Yet? [Siliconera]

Chris Carter
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