Kingdom Hearts keyblade was originally a chainsaw (WUT!)

Can you imagine Sora carving up enemies with a chainsaw while Donald and Goofy tote shotguns and throw Minnie Mouse on the floor before giving her the taste of a real man? Okay, well things wouldn’t have gone that far, but the chainsaw part was almost real, as confirmed by series creator Tetsuya Nomura in Famitsu.

“The first weapon I showed Disney was a chainsaw,” he explains. “It was this chainsaw-like weapon that I had a rough sketch of when I first showed my concepts to Disney. Everyone got this scrunched-up look on their face and nobody said a word in the entire room. Dead silence. And I thought ‘No, I guess this wouldn’t work, huh?'”

Another interesting revelation is the fact that Noura didn’t even want to make Kingdom Hearts at first: “Square wanted to make a game starring Mickey Mouse, and Disney wanted a Donald Duck title. Meanwhile, I wanted neither.”

The end result of Nomura’s apathy was Kingdom Hearts, a game designed to focus on no one particular character. Considering Kingdom Hearts is one of my most fondly remembered games of the last generation, I think this is one situation where everything turned out nicely. 

Now pleeeeease let’s hear news on Kingdom Hearts 3!

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