Kingdom Hearts IV trailer leads fans to speculate Star Wars is in

Kingdom Hearts IV star wars

Sora’s feet aren’t the only ones getting talked about

Square Enix revealed Kingdom Hearts IV yesterday, and fans have been poring over the trailer. There are plenty of details for longtime followers, but one particular detail has caught hold of theorycrafters. One corner of a still image has some Kingdom Hearts fans thinking we’ll see some Star Wars in the next one.

The trailer for the fourth Kingdom Hearts entry was published yesterday, as part of the series’ 20th anniversary festivities. Alongside a few other Kingdom Hearts universe announcements, the showcase closed off with a look at the series’ future. And it’s at about the 4:41 mark (timestamped link here) that you can spy something curious in the upper-right corner of the screen.

Yes, it looks like a foot. And no, not Sora’s feet, which are apparently normal human-sized and not gigantic clown shoe-sized. Rather, it looks like the foot of an Imperial AT-ST. Here’s a little help, if you can’t spot it:

It’s leading some folks to speculate that Star Wars may finally be making its way into Kingdom Hearts.

Kingdom Hearts, full of stars

Now, is this actual confirmation of anything? No, it is not. This is one part of a frame that looks like a foot, and a general setting that shares an aesthetic similarity with Endor.

It’s all just speculation until Square Enix confirms. That said, Star Wars crossing over into the Disney-fueled realm of Kingdom Hearts IV is not outside the realm of possibility.

Disney picked up the franchise when it bought Lucasfilm for $4 billion in 2012. Since then, Star Wars has been gradually brought into the Disney fold; there are Star Wars-themed lands at Disney parks, and The Mandalorian airs on Disney+.

Kingdom Hearts has stayed mostly in the realm of Disney for most of its worlds, though Kingdom Hearts III also had some more modern picks like Big Hero 6 and Frozen. Could we see a lightsaber keyblade? Goofy in Resistance attire? A Heartless Kylo Ren?

Anything’s possible, but for now, Kingdom Hearts IV doesn’t have much more than a trailer. I’m staying skeptical for now, even though I’d definitely love to make a Gummi X-Wing myself.

Eric Van Allen