Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 + 2.5 Remix gameplay looks simple and clean in 60 FPS

Oh baby, don’t go

Not sure about you all, but I’ve always thought the Kingdom Hearts series was one of the best action series of all time. Kingdom Hearts II was great in motion. By the end, you’re pulling off all sorts of cool looking combos. Birth By Sleep later improved on the battle system, and now that they’re all coming to the PlayStation 4 in one definitive collection, I’m ready to play through them all over again. 

Square Enix released two gameplay videos — one featuring 1.5 Remix and the other 2.5 — at 1080 with 60 FPS and it looks dramatically improved. Load times for Sora’s Drive Forms seem pretty much non-existent and Birth By Sleep‘s Command Style loading times have been thankfully improved from their embarrassing PSP days. 

With four full titles (and two movies), this looks to be the collection to get if you’ve never played Kingdom Hearts before. And even if you have, at least the collection improves the gameplay. Although it’s only a short time away, the wait until its March 28th release is going to be painful. 

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