Destiny Islands in Fortnite
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Kingdom Hearts fan recreates Destiny Islands within Fortnite

I just can’t wait once we set sail! It will be great!

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Fortnite is a bustling home for creativity after the Creative 2.0 tools were released, and a Kingdom Hearts fan has actually recreated Destiny Islands in the game for others to enjoy. In a video posted by HiddenxRoxas on Twitter Monday, the Destiny Islands area was showcased within Fortnite, and the video has been watched by over 60,000 people. It’s still a work-in-progress by creator iamintehmafia, but some key elements of the introductory world are replicated very well with the Unreal Engine.

Our hearts led us here with a guiding key

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If you use the Island code 3604-1677-0449, you’ll be dropped into the small world of Destiny Islands in Fortnite. You’re placed where Sora first wakes up in the original Kingdom HeartsYou’ll see the waves rushing into the sand, the crooked palm trees, and the charming wooden bridge that takes you to an offshore area. The waterfall and rooms around the higher sections of the map are also around this user-generated location. You’ll also notice the HP and MP meters from Kingdom Hearts on the bottom right

The main aim of this island is to collect all the coins around the area. It’s an easy task, but this place is more about exploration than anything else. On the offshore island, you can actually see Sora and Kairi sitting on a tree gazing at the ocean view. It calls to mind the sad Kingdom Hearts 3 ending when Sora is taken to Quadratum.

Can you see the cave from Kingdom Hearts’ Destiny Islands in Fortnite?

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As you collect more coins, a path will open up, revealing the cave where the keyhole lies. You’ll see Sora’s cute drawing of him and Kairi sharing a paopu fruit, and an Organization member. If you accept the darkness that he offers, the world furthers into the night, and creatures begin to attack you. Unfortunately, a keyblade doesn’t come to your hand, but as it’s a work-in-progress, perhaps more elements will be introduced later.

There is no music to be had in this Destiny Islands recreation as of yet, so I recommend playing a version of it in the background. Kingdom Hearts characters are currently not in the game, but there have been hints that Sora could join Fortnite with a survey from Epic Games showing interest, according to FN News.

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