Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep not coming to the PSP Go

This has got to hurt: Square Enix has confirmed that when Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep lands on the PSP this September 7 it will not be landing on the PSP Go as a downloadable game, nor are there any plans to release it on Sony’s digital distribution only handheld. Just to drive the point home: that’s one of the biggest franchises on the PSP not coming to the most recent iteration of the PSP.

The confirmation came first from PR firm Ogilvy, which handles Square Enix releases, when the company was queried about a PSP Go release for the game. One of its reps responded, “Just found out that there unfortunately are no plans to release KHBBS on PSP Go. If that changes, I will certainly let you know!” Later Square Enix themselves confirmed the fact as well.

To be fair, this is the first high profile game that hasn’t had both a UMD and digital release on the platform so this could simply be a one time thing. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for all those Go adopters out there that it is or their expensive gaming platform is going to look more and more like a useless piece of plastic with every big game that chooses not to land on it.

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