Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days screens are here

The pompously titled Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days seems to be been in existence since dinosaurs first stalked the Earth. Nevertheless, here are some screenshots of the DS spin-off to Square Enix’s beloved Disney-flavored franchise.

358/2 Days is all about Roxas, the “other” hero of Kingdom Hearts 2, and his role in the shadowy Organization XIII. The game intends to further explore the relationship between Roxa and Sora, and also talks about the mysterious fourteenth member of the organization. Just to reiterate — its name is pompous and silly. 

Square Enix knows what it’s doing when it comes to crafting portable games, so this should be a good title. I just hope they have a thesaurus this time, so they don’t use the words “heart” and “darkness” 10,000 times per cutscene.

Jim Sterling