Kingdom Hearts 2 Keyblade replica helps to raise money for Child’s Play

I can’t get over the stuff people make to raise money for Penny Arcade’s now-famous Child’s Play charity. It makes me proud to pick up a controller every day (not to mention I’d like a lot of this swag for myself.) Most recent in the lineup is a painstakingly detailed replica if the Ultima Keyblade from Kingdom Hearts. The current bid is $560 and the auction is through December 3rd.

The Ebay listing says 35% of the profits will be donated to Child’s Play, but if you read the FAQ it states that they actually want to donate 100% of the profits, so if you intend to bid you might want to clear that up beforehand. Now, if you’re in a philanthropic mood, you can either complete or get started on one hell of a costume for your next cosplay con.

[Via Gay Gamer

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