Kingdom Hearts 2.8 opening movie plays the nostalgia card and it totally works

Something something Disney–whatever I just want this damn game already!

“You’re giving me too many things that aren’t KH3” would’ve been the subheader if it didn’t sound so critical. Sure, they keep re-releasing prior titles and even this new appetizer for Kingdom Hearts 3 is packed in with a movie based on the mobile game and a remaster of Dream Drop Distance. It’s likely only a few hours long, but GAT DAMN do I want it.

Longtime fanboys like me will see call-backs to the original game in the opening movie for 0.2 Birth By Sleep- A Fragmentary Passage. I almost skipped it so I could go in blind, but it didn’t really spoil or reveal anything new. Simple and Clean is remixed as Aqua’s friendship with Ventus and Terra is summarized alongside that of Sora, Riku, and Kairi.

The story of the game is somewhat hinted at, perhaps suggesting Aqua will help free not only herself but Ventus and Terra as well. Since we know that’s going to happen at some point, I figure they may as well do that now and let Kingdom Hearts III continue the story instead of just tying up loose ends all the way through.

Sure, the story is crazy and indecipherable, but just go for the ride. People recognize that the stories of the Metal Gear and Resident Evil franchises are insane and make no sense, but we don’t knock them too much for that. It’s part of the fun. I’ve played the first two main-line games to 100% at least 10 times a piece, and even I don’t get everything. And I don’t care.

It’s not for everyone, but it’s for me and I’m ready.

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