Kingdom Come: Deliverance gets an insanely tough realism mod

Leveling is more sluggish, coins are harder to earn

Kingdom Come: Deliverance has built up a polarizing reputation for its obtuse systems, which are now made even more obtuse by a lovely mod called “Ultimate Realism Overhaul.”

Billed as a sort of survival mode that’s found in many other open world games, this player-created project basically boosts all of the stat requirements for items, takes away of lot of avenues to earn money (vendors pay you less), makes blocks tougher to pull off, and makes the leveling process slower. It’s the sort of thing you don’t want to even start until you’ve finished the game at least once.

The most amazing and immediate implication is that you’ll be forced into sleeping on the street because inns are so expensive, which provides a whole new feel to the early game. I might mess with this mod soon enough to get that perfect feel down, as you can toggle which aspects you want to punish yourself with.

I can’t wait for someone to beat it with a Guitar Hero controller.

Ultimate Realism Overhaul [Nexus Mods via PCGamer]

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