King of Fighters XIV adds four characters including the King of Dinosaurs

Also returning: Maxima, Clark, and Terry

Over at the PlayStation Blog, four more characters were confirmed for the King of Fighters XIV roster. The standout is series newcomer King of Dinosaurs, whose name parallelism with the series title is only topped by the fact that he’s a luchadorosuars; or, a goddamn sexual tyrannosaurs.

Did you know that the earliest mammals — tiny, rodent-like little things — lived alongside the dinosaurs? A hairy lil live-birthing, young-carrying, milk-producing son of a gun that scampered about at night when all the giant reptiles were asleep. Today’s humble echidna and platypus are our best living analogs, but these early mammals would’ve been smaller and mousier still.

Pretty dope. If you couldn’t tell, I was watching a two-part David Attenborough documentary on the rise of the vertebrates last night, and it’s good as hell. I was hooting and hollering the entire time, especially when they CGI’d a tiny mammal skeleton on Attenborough’s old-ass, wrinkly hands and then animated it like a cute-ass baby puppy. And when he pulled the puppy out of his jacket! Oh man, it’s so good, please go watch it (it’s on Netflix).

Anyways Maxima, Clark, and Terry are also confirmed coming back for King of Fighters XIV and two stages were revealed: Guanajuato Dynamite Ring and Derelict Church.

King of Dinosaurs has a pretty good bio, too:

“An evil and mysterious ‘heel’ (a.k.a. a ‘rudo’ in lucha libre) wrestler who wears a tyrannosaurus mask appears! Is he about to devour all the veteran fighters? Human or beast? Who hides behind the mask?!”

Also you can see a giant elephant placenta in that documentary and it’s disgusting.

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