King Diamond hinting at further Guitar Hero: Metallica involvement

Metal fans with a close eye on the upcoming Guitar Hero: Metallica have already seen the game’s full track list. They’re also no doubt excited by the inclusion of Mercyful Fate’s “Evil,” a brutal metal track with lyrics like “”I’d love to hear you cry/I’d love to feel you die.”

But Mercyful Fate’s lead singer, King Diamond (a.k.a. Kim Bendix Petersen), is hinting that he might play a bigger role in the game than has been revealed. In a long statement on Blabbermouth, Petersen says the song is ‘only a small part of the surprise” for fans of the band. 

“Sorry for not being able to give you the full scope of our participation in the Guitar Hero: Metallica videogame at this point,” he adds.

Considering the series’ long history of including musical celebrities among the in-game characters (everyone from Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash to Jimi Hendix has appeared in the game), an in-game King Diamond character model seems likely. And considering King Diamond’s on-stage act — which includes blood and skeletons — we’re not complaining about this.

Nick Chester