Kinect: Take-down demand will make you vomit into hands

Someone doesn’t like that we ran these Kinect video advertisements. Or maybe it was something we said about them. Somehow our article is “engaged in other unauthorized activities relating to copyrighted works published by Microsoft.” 

According to our “SECOND Demand for Immediate Take-Down,” the ads are the copyrighted works, and somehow we’re making them available for copying, through downloading, by showing them to you. Or something. Come on, now. These videos are on YouTube and everywhere else. Jim did rip the product and these ads a new one, and that was a bit mean, but there’s no “infringement” that I can see.

Look, Internet Investigator: I already threw up into my hands after seeing the videos. My stomach is again beginning to flop with your vague notice of infringing activity. And that girl’s fish face motions. Ugh.

Dale North