Kinect hack makes the Mario Boo ghost really follow you

Mario Boo drawn in real space with Kinect, by Horstman & Kurani from John Horstman on Vimeo.

There has been a lot of really cool Kinect hacks, but I’m really digging this one. The Boo ghost from the Super Mario Bros series has always been funny to me. I love that he’ll trail you when you can’t see him, behind your back. If you turn around, he’s gone.

Destructoid reader and Carnegie Mellon University student Jordan says that his class just finished a series of projects revolving around Kinect. One of the coolest to come out of that was by one of his classmates. They used Kinect tech to display a Boo in a person’s real-world blind spot, as you can see in the above video. How awesome is this? And where’s Luigi with that vacuum when you need him?

Actually, all of the projects from this course came out well. There’s a full blog of cool interactions with Kinect here. Great stuff. If you’re interested in the course this work came from, you can find more information on this page.

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