Kinect gets a dedicated demo location in Montreal

I spotted the green, yellow and purple Kinect rings from a distance while walking around in Montreal’s Complexe Les Ailes today. At first I thought I came across one of those mall-type Microsoft stores, like the ones they have in Arizona and California. When I got closer (and through a large crowd of onlookers) I found that what at first looked like a mall boutique was actually an installation solely dedicated to showing off Kinect to the public. 

Inside they had several televisions in dedicated spaces, each with an Xbox 360 and a Kinect attached. They had many of all of the launch games there, and people were lining up to play. The walls were decorated with avatars and each station was manned by a staffer in a Kinect shirt. Strangely, it was mostly middle-aged men that seemed most interested in the new motion-sensing device for the Xbox 360. A few younger girls were playing Dance Central, but the rest of the stations were manned by guys that didn’t really look the type. 

The installation didn’t seem to be selling Kinects or systems, but they did have plenty of literature on hand. 

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