Killzone 3 screens make wanna HNNNNNNG!

Our own Nick Chester was in New York to play Killzone 3 (preview coming) recently, and while I’m miffed that Jim “massive f*cking fan of it I want to have sex with a Helghast oh God” Sterling wasn’t invited, I can’t be too mad when I look at these awesome screenshots. 

The new screens show off the Helghan flame troopers, as well as a more industrial area of the planet rather than all the snow shots we’ve seen. Yes, it’s a lot of brown and gray, but you have to give Guerrilla credit — they make brown and gray look surprisingly beautiful.

Killzone 3 is currently my most anticipated game of 2011, and there is little doubt in my mind that it’ll be a hot one. These are the games that ensure I don’t regret buying my PS3.

Jim Sterling