Killzone 3 has seven ‘f*ck you’s and one ‘motherf*cker’

Guerrilla Games’ Mathijs de Jonge has talked about that most common element of first-person-shooters, the swearing. Killzone 2 wasn’t shy of an F-Bomb, but Killzone 3 is restricting itself somewhat to keep the curses more impactful. 

“In Killzone 2 we ended up with too much of it,” admitted the director. “The thing about swearing is that it’s highly effective when it’s done right, and in Killzone 3 I think there’s some swearing but if feels a lot more impactful. It’s at the right times. In total, I think there’s seven ‘f*ck you’s and one ‘motherf*cker.’ I think that’s fine.”

There was a bit of dialogue in Killzone 2 in which two characters say “that big motherf*cker” one after the other and it sounded so absurd as to be almost a parody of “gritty” game swearing. I do think Killzone 3 has improved it, though. Every time Malcolm McDowell drops a Big Eff, it actually carries some weight, and is quite amusing.

I’ll be honest though … I only took this story for the headline. 

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James Stephanie Sterling