Killzone 3 details promised over the next few months

Official PlayStation Magazine has once again stoked the rumor fires surrounding Killzone 3, currently competing for the title of “most obvious game release that hasn’t been confirmed yet.” According to the magazine, we can expect to see Killzone 3 details very soon, with a possible reveal at E3. 

Apparently we’ll be hearing about Guerrilla’s sequel over the “next few months,” so fans of the series better keep their eyes peeled. OPM was also responsible for claiming that Killzone 3 was “deep in development” and has been teasing us with news on the PS3 exclusive for quite a while. 

I was one of Killzone 2‘s most avid players before it turned into a spawn-and-die festival, so I’m quite eager to see another game. Guerrilla seems to have more or less abandoned Killzone 2, and MAG didn’t quite scratch my itch for another terrific PS3 shooter. Killzone 3 needs to hurry up!

Killzone 3 details in “next few months” [CVG]

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