Killzone 2 will NOT be getting the 3D treatment

Following recent comments from Ninja Theory that 3D tech will be limited on the PS3, it should perhaps come as no surprise that the recently reported “3D treatment” for Killzone 2 will not be coming. According to The Gamer Access, who originally reported the story, the news came about as the result of a misunderstanding. 

“Unfortunately, our feature did not make it clear that the 2D game footage was included for demonstration purposes only,” explains Sony. “We apologize for the erroneous inference that 3D versions of LBP, Wipeout HD, Killzone 2, Gran Turismo 5 or Super Stardust HD are in production.”

So there you have it. Of course, it seemed very odd that Killzone 2 would be coming in 3D so soon, especially considering how good that game looks. It would have required significant visual downgrades or an entirely new system to work properly. Sorry if any of you were hyped for that, but it just goes to show that skepticism is king when it comes to this 3D fad. 

Killzone 2 Not Going 3D [The Gamer Access]

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