Killzone 2 will get Xbox 360 fans to try a PS3, claims Sony

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Sony’s VP of Marketing, Scott Steinberg, has been spewing impressive amounts of hype today. While he talked about the “embarrassment of riches,” Steinberg also told Gamedaily that Killzone 2 demonstrates the PS3’s superiority over other systems, and will make 360 fans want a slice of Blu-ray.

We feel that Killzone 2 is a tremendous exclusive,” he beamed. “It’s an exclamation point that demonstrates the distance between the PS3 and other systems,

“We have others shooters, but we differentiate [Killzone 2] from Resistance and SOCOM. The glorious amount of fidelity is superior to any other platform; it’s a true showcase of the PS3’s graphical superiority. The game is 40 Gigs and could not be done on anything else. It will move people from the sidelines, and from what we’ve seen from blogs, will push 360 owners to try out the PS3. I think it’s going to be a major launch for us and this historical PlayStation brand.”

Modesty, Sony does not need it. 

I won’t argue against Killzone 2‘s quality. It’s a fantastic title and has certainly provided the PS3 with a shooter that easily rivals anything on the Xbox 360. Somehow though, I don’t feel Killzone will be enough to prize hardcore 360 fans away from Halo 3, even if it’s blatantly better.

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