Killzone 2: Then and Now

[Hey all. Ted put together this really awesome comparison post in the community blogs right after the Sony press conference. I thought you’d all like to take a look at it, so enjoy another episode of “Community Blog Masterpiece Theatre.” Dave and Jim are wearing their monocles just for it. – DMV] 

Hurrah, it is Killzone 2. You all know the story, right? They showed off a video at E3 of 2006 and said it was real, and then admitted that it was prerendered. Blah, blah, blah. So here we are at E3 of 2007 and they are showing off some new video so I put together a few photos comparing the Killzone of last year and the Killzone of this year.

*update* I changed the photos a bit. These should be a bit higher quality, should be. Also, I had the one shots labeled as E3 2006, the video was actually from E3 of 2005 so I changed that as well.