Killzone 2 preorders hit 1.1 million in Europe

Sony might be reeling from some significant hardware losses, but the house of PlayStation does have one thing to smile about — preorders for Killzone 2 have hit the 1.1 million mark in Europe. Over a million sales right off the bat isn’t too bad at all.

Killzone 2 is hyped to the stars, and this European figure (US sales not included) comes before Sony’s absurd £2 million advertising campaign has even started. The demo is due to hit today as well, so keep an eye on the PSN if you’re eligible for the download. 

This game is Sony’s first big right hook of the 2009 fight, and with three weeks until launch, nearly all eyes are focused on this hard sci-fi shooter. There’s no doubt in my mind that this game will be a success and most eclipse the PS3’s previous exclusives in terms of sales and consumer interest.

However, will it deserve its success? You will have to wait for the Destructoid review to find out, because we tell you what to think.

Jim Sterling