Killzone 2 is getting the 3D treatment

Sony seems really excited about the whole 3D gaming thing. That is probably why the most recent episode of Qore had a little primer for what people can expect when Sony adds the feature to the PlayStation 3 this summer.

While we were aware of some currently released games that would take advantage of the feature — Super Stardust HD is actually pretty damn neat in 3D, btw — the Qore segment showed a big one that had yet to be revealed. Surprise! It’s Killzone 2

Forgetting for a moment all the challenges that face this supposed 3D gaming revolution, it’s about damn time that they confirmed a first-person shooter. Hard as it would be to imagine them launching the feature without what’s almost certainly the most popular genre on consoles, I’ve learned not to try and guess what Sony might think is a good idea.

PS3 users can check out the latest episode of Qore on PSN now.

Killzone 2 Going 3D! [The Gamer Access]

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