Killzone 2 hype is worth 2 million quid

I’ve been waiting weeks for Sony to give me an excuse to use “Shillzone,” and I knew the publisher wouldn’t let me down. Killzone 2 is preparing for a full-on hype offensive, as a ludicrous £2 million is being sunk into a UK ad campaign to promote the PlayStation 3 exclusive.

The huge investment will see Killzone 2 appearing on TV, cinema screens and Web sites across the nation. Support from game stores is a given, and other marketing avenues are expected to be filled with orange-eyed attention grabbing. 

Sony is obviously confident, and with the first reviews giving Guerrilla’s FPS nothing but glowing praise, one can hardly blame the publisher. The PS3 has been waiting for a game to rival the high-profile exclusives of other systems for a long while, and so have we. 

Hope it pays off, Sony. This is a risky time to be spending that much cash.

Jim Sterling