Killzone 2 demo to launch at around 5pm UK time

As Sony lovers huddle around their PS3s, holding out their frozen little hands to bask in the warm glow of Blu-ray, they patiently await word from on high that just a sliver of Killzone 2 has arrived to save them. They’ll have to wait just a little bit longer, as word has it that the demo will arrive at about 5pm UK time.

“PSN updates vary but hopefully around 5pm everyone should be able to download it,” said a SCEE rep, adding that he was “very excited” about the download’s launch. Only a couple of hours to go!

The demo includes the first two sections of the game’s first chapter, along with a tutorial stage. All European accounts should be able to download it, but if you insist on only having a US account, the only way you can obtain the file is by preordering the PS3 exclusive from Gamestop. The full game is available on February 27, and the demo should be available to everybody just before street date.

Jim Sterling