Killing Floor 2’s latest map is in… Switzerland?

No neutrality here, mate

Early Access gore-’em-up Killing Floor 2 has received its latest update, adding the new Volter Manor map to the roster.

Set on a cliff in Switzerland, Volter Manor really does look like something you’d find in an Amnesia game: blood, gothic shit, and torture devices aplenty. Lovely.

Two new playable characters have also been added to the game, for owners of the original Killing Floor: Classic Masterton and Briar from the first game are returning, as are their voice actors.

Frankly, as long as I can still run around screaming ‘DOSH, GRAB IT WHI-DOSH, GRAB IT WH-TWO BLOODY GREAT HANDFULS!’ they could add literally anything else to the game and I’d be happy.

Killing Floor 2 is currently available on PC via Steam Early Access, with SteamOS and PlayStation 4 versions to be released at a later date. 

As a side-note: are there any other games set in Switzerland? Ever? Because when I think “gory Zombie FPS” I don’t think “Switzerland.” I think Toblerone.

Joe Parlock