Killing Floor 2’s demolition perk gets a goddamn grenade pistol

Boom Boom Pow

It’s been a long time coming, but Killing Floor 2‘s next big content patch is on its way. We still don’t have a date locked down, but we’re getting new details every week about the new perks and weapons that are on their way.

This week the demolitions perk is getting some attention. As one of my favorite perks from the original game, demo has been high on my list of explosive desires (though not as high as, say, sharpshooter!). It looks like we’re gonna get straight to the ‘splosions, because the starting weapon is a goddamn grenade pistol that shoots “either a cluster of submunitions or a 20mm grenade for a bit of additional reach.” Ooooh baby.

The second weapon is C4. You can place up to 8 of them before detonating them in the order of placement. This’ll help with creating chunkpoints and should allow for more strategy in each map. The third weapon tier goes to the classic M79, this time with silly tiger stripes. I’m hoping that the TWHUMP sound effect is as satisfying as it needs to be, but of course it will be, this is Killing Floor

The strongest weapon’ll be the most destructive: the good ol’ rocket-propelled grenade launcher. But beware, unlike most games you’ve played, the RPG is not safe stand behind:

I need this update, now.

Zack Furniss