Killer Instinct’s final Season 2 character is a CEO

Send in the drones

Season 2 of Killer Instinct gave us a golem, a sorcerer, and a Japanese ghost, among other characters. Who’s next? The CEO of UltraTech. ARIA may be an artificial intelligence, but that’s not about to stop her from getting physical. She can upload herself to one of three drones, each of which gives her a varied moveset while the remaining robots hover nearby until needed.

Here’s a brief description from Microsoft Studios creative director Adam Isgreen:

  • Booster Drone builds a body capable of incredible air maneuverability and has an air / ground rush attack move. You can see Booster Body in the teaser, as this Drone looks like wings and uses prototype sonic technology to help ARIA hover.
  • Blade Drone builds a body with a sword arm that uses prototype sonic vibration tech.  It is capable of rushing slashes, an invulnerable uppercut, a grounded overhead, chip damage normals, and increased poke range.
  • Bass Drone builds a body with a prototype sonic cannon in the chest and can deliver high, low, and anti-air multi-hit projectiles that travel at sonic speeds.

The drones can be called in for assists, but they are susceptible to damage and, crucially, ARIA’s total health is divided among them. Once all three drop, she’s done for the match.

Sounds like a fitting conclusion. I have to believe Iron Galaxy isn’t done with KI yet, though.

The textual stream: 5/8/15 – ARIA concept, mechanics & more! [Ultra-Combo]

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