Killer Instinct fan survey gauges interest in Joanna Dark

Also a Crackdown agent

Recently Iron Galaxy and Microsoft Studios introduced a fan poll for Killer Instinct, and asked what potential characters they’d like to see in the future. It included innocuous options like skins or spins like “Shadow Orchid,” but also provided several interesting guest character choices.

That includes a Crackdown agent, a Halo Brute, and Joanna Dark, of Perfect Dark fame. Over time Killer Instinct might just morph into “Microsoft All-Stars” and I’m perfectly okay with that. The survey is already closed so you can’t vote anymore, but we now have an idea of what Iron Galaxy wants to introduce in future seasons!

I’m glad this game was able to get over its initial launch hump and is now generally regarded as a success by the community.

Killer Instinct Survey [Ultra Combo]

Chris Carter
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