Kill Strain, that free-to-play Sony shooter you forgot about, is out next month

July 19

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Back in December of 2014 (!) Sony announced Kill Strain. Since then we haven’t heard much about it outside of an Early Access period, but it’s still alive and well, and is out next month. Those of you who sign up for the beta can get in early, as soon as June 29. Described as a “PvP experience,” of a 4v4v2 variety, the gist is that two teams of humans fight against two mutants, who can subsequently turn the former group.

Kill Strain will be out on July 12 for PlayStation Plus members, and July 19 for PS4 owners. Although the aesthetic looks drab, to the point where I wiped this game from my memory for nearly two years, the concept could play out nicely — plus, the high install base of the PS4 and the free-to-play nature of the game could result in a healthy community.

Kill Strain Launching July 19, Early Access for PS Plus [PlayStation Blog]

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