Kill robots with subtraction in Math Blaster in the Prime Adventure for the DS

When they say “learning is fun,” that’s usually a load of bulls**t. Everyone knows that elementary school kids would rather be blasting aliens, climbing trees, or snorting blow off of stripper’s backs. 

But when it comes the popular PC learning game Math Blaster, fun always did enter the equation, sans gutter glitter and a girl named Candy. And now, Majesco is bringing the fun to the Nintendo DS as Math Blaster in the Prime Adventure! Learning is fun when dastardly robots control the galaxy and the only thing that can stop them is mathematics like addition, subtraction, and multiplication! The game even has a Four Player Battle Mode youngsters can bruise each other’s egos with their keen math skills. 

Considering my long-standing history of poor math skills (one point for every time I convern MS Points to US dollars wrong in a story), I think I should pick up a copy of Math Blaster in the Prime Adventure when it hits this fall. 


Award-Winning PC Series Blasts Its Way To Handheld This Fall!

EDISON, N.J., September 8, 2008 – Majesco Entertainment Company (NASDAQ: COOL), an innovative provider of video games for the mass market, today announced Math Blaster in the Prime Adventure for Nintendo DS™. Developed by Knowledge Adventure and inspired by the original hit PC game, Math Blaster makes learning fun by combining a variety of adventure-based learning games with challenging mathematic puzzles and the unique capabilities of Nintendo DS. The result is an action-packed adventure that adds up to total entertainment!
Robots control the galaxy and the fate of the universe lies in question. Armed with an experimental spaceship, players must put their math skills to the ultimate test as they blast through space to defend the human race and defeat the robotic rulers. Players master math skills in a variety of brain-busting categories including addition, subtraction and multiplication. Whether competing with a friend in Four Player Battle Mode, or testing their computation abilities in Challenge or Adventure modes, players multiply, add and subtract their way through three difficulty levels.

Math Blaster in the Prime Adventure for Nintendo DS™ is expected to release this Fall. For additional information about Majesco’s exciting line of products, please visit:

Nick Chester