Kill la Kill: IF adds the amazing Mako Mankanshoku as free DLC for PS4 and PC

No word on a Switch release?

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Those of you enjoying the over-the-top anime action of Arc System Works’ Kill la Kill: IF will be stoked to hear that a new update has gone live on PS4 and PC. The 1.05 update implements a string of balance tweaks and, best of all, heralds the coming of the irrepressible Mako Mankanshoku!

Mako is one of HonnÅji Academy’s most fearless students who, despite her diminutive size, boasts a heart of fire and fists to match. While sometimes quite lazy when it comes to her schoolwork, Mako comes to life when threat and danger comes calling, always up for rumble and more than willing to face ridiculous odds with uber-confidence.

In Kill la Kill: IF, Mako is more of an up-close-and-personal type of fighter, capable of wild short-range attacks. Her speed allows Mako to cover distance quickly, getting in close to her opponent to land one on the ol’ noggin. Driven by self-confidence. Mako actually becomes more powerful as the fight progresses, with her Tension meter responding to her success in battle.

It’s not all good news, unfortunately. While Mako and the 1.05 update are live on PS4 and PC right now, no mention has been made of a date for the Nintendo Switch edition. We will keep you informed if there’s any update from ArcSys or A+ Games. You can find the full list of patch notes right here.

Kill la Kill The Game: IF is available now on PS4, PC and Nintendo Switch.

Kill la Kill: IF Version 1.05 update adds Mako Mankanshoku [Gematsu]

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