Kill la Kill, Catherine, Puyo Puyo, Windjammers and more will be part of AnimEVO 2019

Check out this list of great side-tournies

The good people of AnimEVO have closed signups for this year’s tournament, having pulled in almost 1000 competitors across 31 titles. The annual event runs alongside the pomp and circumstance of the regular EVO fighting game tournament, and offers up alternate action to the Street Fighters and Tekkens of the main stage.

Guilty Gear Xrd REV2, King of Fighters XIV, Melty Blood and the debuting Kill la Kill: IF are among the modern fighters in attendance this year. It’s not all about the fisticuffs either, as this year will see the return of tournament regulars such as Windjammers, Puyo Puyo Tetris and Catherine. For fans of classic scrappers, tourneys will be held on TMNT: Tournament Fighters, Fighter’s History Dynamite, Samurai Shodown II and Vampire Savior, among others.

You can check out the full list of games below. EVO 2019 and AnimEVO 2019 kick off this weekend, from Friday August 2, at the Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas. Be sure to follow AnimEVO on twitter for up-to-the-minute details on schedules and streams.

AnimEVO 2019 full game list and signups [Smashgg / EventHubs]

• Million Arthur: Arcana Blood
• Ultra Fight Da! Kyanta 2
• Puyo Puyo Tetris
• Puyo Puyo Champions
• Hokuto no Ken
• Catherine
• Windjammers
• Aquapazza
• Guilty Gear Xrd REV2
• Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus R
• Catherine: Full Body
• Samurai Shodown 2
• Koihime Enbu RyoRaiRai
• Garou: Mark of the Wolves
• TMNT: Tournament Fighters
• Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All Stars
• The King of Fighters XIV
• BlazBlue: Central Fiction
• Vampire Savior
• Gundam Versus 2v2 Teams
• Dengeki Bunko: Fighting Climax Ignition
• Fighter’s History Dynamite
• Guilty Gear: The Missing Link
• Nitroplus Blasterz: Heroines Infinite Duel
• Melty Blood Actress Again Current Code
• Sailor Moon S
• Arcana Heart 3: LoveMax SixStars!!!!!!
• Umineko: Golden Fantasia
• Project Justice
• Persona 4 Arena Ultimax
• Kill la Kill the Game: IF

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