Kid’s PS3 Xmas gift replaced with phone book

A California teen was looking forward to getting himself a PlayStation 3 console this Christmas, but found instead that he had received a more exotic treasure — the world’s most expensive telephone book. Someone at a game store in the Thousand Oaks shopping mall had decided to replace the black box of Blu-Ray with a phone book instead. Maybe the PS3 thief was hoping nobody would notice?

Unfortunately for somebody, this kid could indeed tell the difference between a PlayStation 3 and a big yellow book, but luckily he was actually a good sport about the whole thing and is said to have been amused. His parents, however, will naturally be taking the $500 book back to the store for a replacement since you can’t use a book to watch Talladega Nights. I guess the phone numbers weren’t Hi-Def enough, either.

[Thanks, Aerox]

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