Kids get Wiis for Christmas and flip their frigging lids

Yeah, you’ll learn the hard way, son. “Lucky” children all over the world unwrapped their presents on Christmas Day and, according to an unhealthy amount of Youtube videos, went thoroughly insane. My prediction is that, by now, the waggle boxes are already sitting untouched on the floor.

The above video, as spotted on Kotaku, is the thing that nightmares are made of. He screams like he’s being raped, murdered and losing a bet at the same time. And then comes the dancing … oh God the dancing. If you dare to watch, just be warned that it is not funny, not even in a “so bad it’s good” kind of way. It will just make you want to find the nearest doctor and beg him for a cheap vasectomy. 

There’s another video after the jump, equally unbearable and guaranteed to make your sperm shrivel up and die. I’m just glad that my wife’s boy’s a nihilist and doesn’t seem to care about anything, even Christmas, because I could not cope with that kind of behavior … especially over a Wii.

This video is from a family of ten. I can’t stand people who have that many kids in these overpopulated times, but I take some solace from the fact that right now, the sheer amount of kids in the house is probably leading to the some intense fighting over who gets to play on the Wii. In fact, I kind of get a boner imagining the conflict.
There are some more posted, but others seem either staged or not very interesting. Not that these are interesting, but you get what I mean. Never have children, dear readers. And if you do have some — drown them quickly.
Jim Sterling