Kids buy games and knives in retail sting, councillor attacks games in process

Trading Standards authorities in Plymouth have conducted a retail sting in which 16-year old boys were able to purchase copies of 18-rated games, along with knives from a selection of retailers. Adult-rated movies are not indicated as having been included in this operation. For some reason.

According to the results, five out of nine retailers sold “violent” games to underage buyers, while a mere two out of twenty five retailers sold them knives. This of course proves that videogames will destroy humanity one day. A Trading Standards official said she was “disappointed” in the game retailers for failing to take their training on board or “understand that these games are given a high age rating for a reason.”

Meanwhile, Councilor Michael Leaves took the opportunity to link videogames with knife crime, claiming that games “must have a detrimental effect” on kids:

As for violent video games, I believe they must have a detrimental influence on any children who play them and I would not be at all surprised if there was not a connection with the knife crime issue. Everyone who sells these games must take extra care to ensure they only sell them to those who can legally buy them.

So there we have it. Plymouth has undeniably proven that kids who are able to buy GTA will definitely then get a knife and stab sixty three people before turning into Rosemary’s Baby and exploding in a shower of nails and AIDS. It’s been proven.

James Stephanie Sterling