Kick your weekend off with this PlayStation Flash Sale

It’s Flash Sale o’clock somewhere

Steam’s not the only one who can throw a proper sale. PlayStation just launched one of its vaunted Flash Sales, meaning that there are a bunch of discounted games on PS4, PS3, and Vita right now.

Exactly 70 items have their prices slashed. It’s not as deep as Steam’s offerings, but there’s still some good stuff here. Some things that stand out to me are Tales From the Borderlands for less than $5, Mad Max for $16, and discounts on all three of the Arkham games. The full list can be found here.

Despite the event’s name, don’t think you’re under the gun to make purchasing decisions immediately. This Flash Sale runs until Monday June 27 at 12pm Pacific. Plenty of time to get your finances in order and ponder whether Steins;Gate is really the game for you.

Flash Sale [PlayStation Store]

Brett Makedonski
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