KFC takes us through the life of Colonel Sanders in a game

Double Down Browntown

Colonel Sanders lived an interesting life. In an attempt to bring him back into the public eye, fast food chain KFC wants to tell the story of his life, though it seems like it might be embellished a bit in the free minigame collection Colonel Quest.

Each of the five games represents a fictionalized stage in his life leading up to opening the fried chicken joint. It begins with Sixth Grade Dropout, an auto-runner where a young Harland Sanders has to escape a very long classroom. Then comes Baby Business, a reskin of the old Game & Watch game Fire, representing his time spent as an amateur obstetrician. After that is Courtroom Brawl, a fighting game to show his time spent as a lawyer. Then comes Gas Station Shootout, where he duels a rival gas station owner. Finally, there is Chicken Time!, a Root Beer Tapper-like featuring customers hungry for his original recipe.

I managed to finish with two golds, two silvers, and a bronze. For my trouble, I got a coupon for $5 off some fried chicken. It’s not clear if performing better nets a better reward, because after I upped it to three golds and two silvers, I couldn’t get another coupon. Oh well. You can play Colonel Quest at the official site.

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