Keyboard Cat lives on…kinda

After seeing the above video, I’m now appalled that Wii Sukeban Shachou Rena only sold one-hundred copies. This looks to be the best thing ever created! Jim told us that this is officially the worst-selling Wii game ever, but that could quickly change with this video.

For some reason, the cat joins a human in playing a horrible song. This is like the music of the underworld with its warbling and shrieking and clanging. I love how kitty gets down, though, getting his shoulders into the playing. Then, suddenly, cat gets pissed, hisses at the human, lighting and thunder comes from the sky, and then he screams a terrible scream.

How is this the worst-selling Wii game of all time? This is the game I’ve dreamed of all my life! What kind of world is this?

Dale North