Key Modern Warfare developer leave Infinity Ward

The firing of Infinity Ward’s founding members is still a matter of some controversy, and while the Activision-owned studio is still soldiering on, more members are falling by the wayside. Todd Alderman, lead designer and a man with heavy influence on Modern Warfare‘s multiplayer and narrative, left the company last week alongside Francesco Gigliotti. 

The two men had been with Infinity Ward for eight and seven years respectively, and their leaving the studio just a month after the firing of Vince Zampella and Jason West is going to look shady no matter how coincidental the situation may be. Whether this is all related or not, Infinity Ward has just lost two men who were an important part of making Modern Warfare what it was. That’s a simple fact. 

With Activision still embroiled in a bitter legal tussle with the former studio bosses, it doesn’t look like the bad blood will be going away anytime soon. 

Modern Warfare Developer Loses Two More Key Players [Kotaku]

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