Keepy chilly toes warm with your own Space Invaders socks

I’ve been wracking my brain for weeks, trying to figure out what I’m going to wear to the Destructoid anniversary party in Miami next week. Just when I think I’ve figure out the perfect outfit, here come these Space Invaders socks. Sigh.

The perfect compliment to any outfit, not only do these knit Space Invaders socks look comfortable and warm, but you can also make them yourself! Aija Goto over at, my favorite Web site (okay, so I’ve never been there before), details how you can make your very own pair. Complete with a personalized high score, this is one project I’m going to get started on immediately.

Check out part of these easy-to-follow instructions:

Row 18 [WS]: Yo, p20. Turn work.
Row 19 [RS]: Yo, k1 using CC1, k18 using MC. Turn work.
Row 20 [WS]: Yo, p18. Turn work.
Row 21 [RS]: Yo, k1 using MC, k16 using CC1. Turn work.
Row 22 [WS]: Yo, p16. Turn work.
Row 23 [RS]: Yo, k1 using CC1, k15 using MC. Turn work.
Row 24 [WS]: Yo, p16, SSP. The [yo] at the turning point of the previous short row has been worked together with the following stitch. Turn work.

Woah, woah! I think my head just exploded. That reads like the chorus to a Technotronic song from the early-90s! “Yo, turn work! Yo, turn work!”

Still, if knitting is your thing, I can think of no better project to keep you busy in between taking your 89 cats to the vet.

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