Keeping your games sexy: The Cover Project

Sonic vs. Knuckles - Who you got?

Whether you bought it from that creepy guy at the flea market, stole it from your grade-school friend who moved away (score!), or just plain lost the cover for it, there is at least one game in your library sans cover. It’s like a lovable, naked orphan: it plays just fine, and is sweet as can be … but it’s just ugly, and sticks like the sore thumb you got from playing Mario Party for too long.*

In any case, The Cover Project has you … covered. If you’re like me (i.e.: an OCD neat-freak), you might want to head over there and see what they’ve got. Just download a cover, print it out, and restore your coverless games to their previous glory! The Cover Project provides replacement art for most major consoles and handhelds, including Dreamcast and the infamous Sega Saturn; however, nothing before SNES is availble… yet. Apparently, the staff is always taking submissions and suggestions.

In any case, it’s at least a great place to snoop around for retro game art. Personally, I think this is a great idea and could be a fun DIY project for a snowy, Christmas-break afternoon. Better yet, get your artsy and craftsy grandmother do it for you.

*For me, that game is Sonic and Knuckles, seen above.

[via bits bytes pixels & sprites]

Joseph Leray