Keep the old gods asleep in village manager The Shrouded Isle

What a cool idea for a game

The Shrouded Isle, an upcoming PC game from Moon Hunters creator Kitfox, raises an important question: “Whose blood will feed the old gods?”

It’s also an appropriate question, given that this is a “cult village manager,” a genre I didn’t yet know I wanted. You’ll need to keep your people fed, sheltered, and happy, but there’s also the great slumberers beneath your town to consider, Mr. Mayor. A human sacrifice must be made each season.

I caught the teaser before looking up screenshots, and I’m pleased to see that the aesthetic carries over.

This is another promising one for the 2017 pile, but at least we have a slightly more specific window to go on. Look for The Shrouded Isle on Steam and the Humble Store this February.

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