Keep the home pixels flickering with Rosie the Retrogamer

This is, by far, the best shirt.woot I have seen in a very long time. Rosie the Retrogamer is, of course, a mash-up twixt classic United States WWII propaganda art and 8-bit era Nintendo, which is actually a little ironic now that I think further.

I really love this shirt, not least because I find an odd beauty in vintage propaganda. It’s the little touches that make this one, like the choice of font for the slogan. I do wish she looked a little more determined and a little less wistful.

At any rate, I just bought this shirt for my woman’s birthday because $10 is a small price to pay for clothing someone you love in an image you also love. Thankfully, I’ve hidden this knowledge in the last place she would ever think to look. 

Rosie the Retrogamer [shirt.woot]

Conrad Zimmerman