Keep rollin’, rollin’, rollin’, in Super Mario Odyssey

You know what time it is

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Move in, now move out, hands up, now hands down, back up, back up, the Mario Odyssey Japanese twitter account tells you what you’re gonna do now — in Odyssey this October.

Spoiler warning: It involves rollin’ baby.

Thanks to Twitter translate and our own Japanese resident Cory Arnold for giving me a rough break down on this. According to this tweet you’ll be able to roll around a ton in Super Mario Odyssey on the Switch this fall (just like that blue hedgehog!)

It will basically be a “fundamental action” (meaning it can be done at any time) and you’ll be able roll down hills to gain speed and momentum and you can also swing the joy-con around to go even faster. So while Mario’s idiot brother Luigi is busy dabbing away in Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, just remember to breathe in and breathe out before you roll kids.

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