Kaz replaces Ken as COO of SCE

Sony’s management seems to have undergone a bit of a re-shuffling recently. In a surprising move, Sony has replaced Ken Kutaragi with Kaz Harai as COO of Sony Computer Entertainment. Ken himself has now moved on to become the group CEO and chairman of the company.

Here’s a press statement from Sony on the subject, as recorded by MCV:

‘Ken Kutaragi will continue to oversee the entire SCE Group as chief executive officer, and will fully exercise his power to reinforce and further accelerate the development of the PlayStation business.’

‘In his new capacity as President and Group COO of the entire SCE Group, [Harai] will bring his strong leadership skills and experience to fulfill his responsibilities as head of operations worldwide.’

Does anyone else think this is sort of reminiscent of what Nintendo recently did, promoting their marketing poster-boy, Reggie Fils-Aime, to COO of NOA?

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