Kathy Rain rides again on iOS and Android, this Nov. 23

Buy it this time, or get a taser to the balls!

Very little surprised me in 2016, at least not in the way Kathy Rain did. It was an exceptional adventure game, a genuine 9/10, accessible for both new players and veterans alike. Even now, it’s my personal GOTY. Sadly, that doesn’t translate into amazing sales. I’m not a marketing guy, so I couldn’t tell you why, only that it was disappointing to say the least.

Well, at least now it’s getting a second wind on mobile/tablet. I don’t want to sound like a cheap shill, but it’s a good fit with better exposure. Kathy Rain is a fairly intimate adventure, one you can easily play in short sessions, and without getting bogged down in complex puzzles.

I’ve already said enough about why Kathy Rain is an excellent thriller, but if you’re into adventure games, well-plotted mysteries, or just strong female characters without the cynical pandering, then it’s an absolute must buy.

Ride along with the kick-ass amateur sleuth on November 23, for the measly price of $4.99. C’mon, she deserves that elusive success.

Kathy Rain rides into Android and iOS on November 23rd [Raw Fury Games]

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