Kano, Raiden, Wonder Woman, and Deathstroke announced for MK vs. DC Universe

At Midway’s press conference at the Leipzig Games Convention, the publisher revealed four more additions to the roster for their upcoming Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe

Lightening god Raiden and the heart-ripping Kano will be appearing in the title on the Mortal Kombat side of things. Super villain Deathstroke and a scantily-clad Wonder Woman will be balancing out the DC roster. Midway have only provided us with a single render of Wonder Woman. That means they sent us only one, not that she’s currently not seeing anyone. She may be, I don’t really know.

There is this new trailer, too, but it doesn’t really show us anything we haven’t already seen. Can I get some hot Wonder Woman versus Superman action already? Thanks.

Nick Chester