Kamiya says he has ‘ideas’ for Bayonetta 3, Okami 2, and ‘other Scalebounds’

I can wait

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Famed developer Hideki Kamiya is known for his candid nature. He has one of the most famous Twitter accounts for a reason — he basically says what he wants, and lets people deal with it. He kind of did the same thing at E3 this year, speaking to GameCentral, when talking about some concepts he’s been bouncing around.

Unprompted, Kamiya stated that he’d “take the consideration” of how fans prefer Bayonetta’s haircut from the first game “when [they] start doing 3.” Nothing is formal yet, but he followed that up by saying he had “ideas” for Okami 2, as well as more concepts for “other Scalebounds.”

It’s all pretty far-fetched at the moment given that Platinum needs to wrap up production of the first Scalebound and Nier: Automata, but I expect some announcements next year at E3. At this point even a still-screen of something from either of those franchises would wow a crowd.

Hideki Kamiya hints at Okami 2 and Bayonetta 3 [Metro UK]

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