KallaX gives you yet another reason to hate your friends September 18

The jury will understand.

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Unexpected Studios has announced that their co-op furniture building game KallaX will release on PC September 18, 2023.

I don’t know why prefabricated furniture instructions sometimes tell you to work with a partner because building furniture together is one of the quickest ways to drive someone to desperate ends. When we moved a few years ago, my husband and I bought a lot of Ikea furniture, and it’s amazing that we’re still together. However, near the end of it, I was quietly assembling media centers by myself in the other room.

KallaX, for some reason, is attempting to replicate that experience endlessly in a co-op video game format. You play as little space men who must work together to gather parts and assemble furniture to ship out. It’s one part Overcooked and two parts malicious intent. It’s the whole experience: instructions, construction, and violent urges.

I usually bring these sorts of games to play with my parents and test their 40-some years of marriage. After all those years, my father has become an expert at annoying my mother, and it has never stopped being funny. Unfortunately, the current release is PC only. It’s a lot harder to gather people around my computer monitor, and while there are options to stream to my TV, I’m not lugging my PC to my parents’ house. Hopefully, a console port will follow, but for now, KallaX will have an online co-op if you feel comfortable playing with people outside the range of a good, motivating charlie horse.

KallaX releases for PC on September 18, 2023.

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